• "My bottom line: When in Laredo, try the seafood, tequila, and beer; and try them at El Capataz."

    Justin B.

  • "Their ceviche is very good, but then again, everything else on the menu is delicious,if you like something different try Nopalito Salmon."

    Hande J.

  • I've gone back a few more times in the past couple of months to try new items and have to say that this place is now one of my favorite restaurants. You must try the fish tacos. They have it as an appetizer but there are four tacos to an order so it can be an entree too.

    Laura G.

  • I recommend La Pasion margarita for a beverage and the Fries Bien Cargadas to snack on.

    Jessica S.

  • This place was extremely cool and not at all what I expected to find in Laredo. The interior is very hip and the patio quite comfortable with a long bench along one side, padded chairs on the other side of the tables and even a flatscreen tv on the wall.

    Kate G.

  • Capataz is a gem in Laredo. It is chic, cool, and has a great selection of beers and food. As someone who searches for chic restaurants with style and class, Capataz fits the bill. Laredo can be lacking in chic dining options, and Capataz fits that and also has pretty good bar food.

    Benjamin F.

» El Capataz/ 7220 Bullock Loop Unit C-7 Laredo,TX.
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El Capataz

Definitions of "Capataz" vary slightly but basically mean the same thing: A person who is in charge of leading difficult tasks, a boss or supervisor if you will. Often romantically seen in Mexican telenovelas as the person in charge of making sure the hacienda runs smoothly for all those in it, so too do we take daily charge of preparing fantastic food and drinks and serving guests for their time spent here.

El Capataz opened its doors in September 2011 offering an ever changing selection of Craft Beers and casual Latin inspired pub food.

Our recipes are developed with flavor profiles from Southern Mexico, Central America, South America, the Caribbean and Mediterranean. Popular dishes include the Capataz Burger, 3-Hour Prime Rib, Crispy Shrimp Albondigas, and Taquitos Mar de Cortez.

About the chef

Roberto Gonzalez

A Native Laredoan, Roberto Gonzalez received a Bachelor's degree in Advertising and Promotion, and Computer Science from Depaul University in 1997. The education continued with an Associates Degree in Culinary Arts from New England Culinary Institute in 1999. Notable places of employment include:

» Jackson House Inn - Woodstock, Vt.
» Four Seasons Resort and Spa - Las Colinas, Tx.
» Le Bernardin - New York City, NY.
» Culinary Classes were taught 2004-2007
   and small custom catering jobs continue.

Additional Info

7220 Bob Bullock Lp Ste C7 Laredo, TX 78041
Ph. (956) 723-7400

Food Styles
Latin American, Mediterranean, Gastropubs

Open Hours:
Open daily at 5pm

Accepts Credit Cards:


Take Out
Waiter Service
Outdoor Seating

Full Bar

- El Capataz    

  • @El Capataz | 21 Jun. 2016

    Firestone Barrel Brouhaha

  • @El Capataz | 04 Nov. 2014


    We're really excited about this!

  • @El Capataz | 30 Oct. 2014

    Drink of the Month

    Sangria Especia_L
    A Hybrid between Spiced Mulled Wine and a Sangria to welcome the arrival of the holidays! Feliz Dia de Los Muertos!

  • @El Capataz | 19 Sep. 2014

    Now Tapped!

    Now Tapped! Harpoon, Erdinger, and Real Ale Oktoberfests!

  • @El Capataz | 19 Sep. 2014

    Farmers Market

    We don't like too many posts but we need to let you know! Farmers Market tomorrow morning!

  • @El Capataz | 14 Sep. 2014

    Now Tapped!

    Now Tapped Weihenstephaner Oktoberfest!

  • @El Capataz | 10 Sep. 2014


    It's that time...Now Tapped St. Arnold's And Ayinger Oktoberfests

  • @El Capataz | 10 Sep. 2014


    It's that time...Now Tapped St. Arnold's And Ayinger Oktoberfests

  • @El Capataz | 15 Aug. 2014

    Farmer's Market August 2014

    August Farmer's Market!

  • @El Capataz | 17 Jun. 2014

    Now Tapped!`

    Now Tapped! Red's Rye IPA

  • @El Capataz | 13 Jun. 2014

    Tinga Sliders

    Now Available!

  • @El Capataz | 13 Jun. 2014

    FF Artichokes

    Now Available! Dusted artichoke quarters flash fried and tossed with our slightly spicy herb olive oil, queso fresco, and parsley. Great for summer snacking!

  • @El Capataz | 08 May. 2014

    Now Tapped!

    Now Tapped!

  • @El Capataz | 07 May. 2014

    Now Tapped

    Now Tapped! Heavier on the hops for you hopheads and light on the finish makes for nice hot weather drinking.

  • @El Capataz | 07 May. 2014

    Now Tapped!

    Now Tapped!

  • @El Capataz | 06 May. 2014

    Now Tapped!

    Now Tapped!

  • @El Capataz | 24 Apr. 2014

    Now Tapped!

    Now Tapped!

  • @El Capataz | 04 Apr. 2014

    Spring Shandy

    Now Available!

  • @El Capataz | 29 Mar. 2014

    Now Tapped!

    Now Tapped Uinta Hop Nosh!

  • @El Capataz | 26 Mar. 2014

    Now Tapped!

    Real Ale Hefeweizen

  • @El Capataz | 26 Mar. 2014

    Now Tapped!

    Now Tapped!

  • @El Capataz | 25 Mar. 2014

    Now Tapped!

    Now Tapped Ommegang Rare Vos!

  • @El Capataz | 22 Mar. 2014

    Limpio Fresco

    New Drink

  • @El Capataz | 20 Mar. 2014

    Nopalito Salmon

    Nopalito Salmon

  • @El Capataz | 13 Mar. 2014

    Now Tapped!

    Now Tapped!

  • @El Capataz | 13 Mar. 2014

    Now Tapped!

    Now Tapped!

  • @El Capataz | 10 Mar. 2014

    Now Tapped!


  • @El Capataz | 27 Feb. 2014

    Now Tapped!

    Now Tapped!

  • @El Capataz | 27 Feb. 2014

    Now Tapped!

    Now Tapped!

  • @El Capataz | 19 Feb. 2014

    Now Tapped!

    UFO Hefeweizen Now Tapped!

  • @El Capataz | 10 Feb. 2014

    Spaten Optimator

    Just Tapped Spaten Optimator!

  • @El Capataz | 01 Feb. 2014

    Beer Fest Pork Sandwich Recipe

    Copy and paste for the Recipe or go to our menu page and click from there! http://issuu.com/mezonia/docs/327?e=0

  • @El Capataz | 31 Oct. 2013

    Closed Halloween!

    Closed for Halloween to have fun with our families! See you tomorrow at 5 p.m.!

  • @El Capataz | 28 Oct. 2013

    Now Tapped!

    Now Tapped! Dogfish Head Punkin Ale! This was very hard to get and it's almost gone! Subtle, smooth and nicely balanced. All other pumpkins envy this one.

  • @El Capataz | 11 Sep. 2013

    Oktoberfests Arriving!

    Real Ale & Ayinger Now Tapped!

  • @El Capataz | 04 Jul. 2013

    Closed 4th of July!

    Happy 4th of July! We will be closed today for the holiday and will reopen tomorrow at our usual time! Have a great day!

  • @El Capataz | 11 May. 2013

    Now Tapped! Deschutes Twilight Summer Ale

    An easy drinker with forward hints of hops, lemon zest and grapefruit on the nose. Honeyed with hints of bread and biscuity malt. Spicy hops balances the sweetness with a dry finish. Winner Best Seasonal Pale Ale World Beer Awards 2012

  • @El Capataz | 27 Apr. 2013

    Just Tapped! Belgian and Wheat Fans!

    Blanche De Bruxelles - Very balanced drinkable Belgian wheat. This import is hard to come by on tap!

  • @El Capataz | 24 Apr. 2013

    Just Tapped! IPA fans!

    All Day IPA from Founders Brewing Company in Michigan! Keeps your taste satisfied while keeping your senses sharp. Easy drinking IPA balanced for optimal aromatics and a clean finish.

  • @El Capataz | 29 Mar. 2013

    Just Tapped!

    Brooklyn Lager from Brooklyn Brewery! Wonderfully flavorful beer, smooth, refreshing and very versatile with food.

  • @El Capataz | 20 Mar. 2013

    Just Tapped!

    4 Squared by Real Ale Brewing Company in Blanco, TX! If you like Fireman's #4 this is a more robust version with extra malt and hops! Special Limited Release!

  • @El Capataz | 09 Mar. 2013

    Just Tapped!

    Hazelnut Nectar from Rogue Ales - Mild brown ale with great caramel, toasty and hazelnut flavors. Do you like hazelnut latte's in the morning and beer at night? Try this!

  • @El Capataz | 08 Mar. 2013

    Just Tapped!

    Sixpoint Brewery Brownstone - Tasty brown ale with a nice level of bitterness reminiscent of an IPA. Toastiness and a nice level of malts make this a great sipping brew.

  • @El Capataz | 07 Mar. 2013

    SouthBound Music Fest 2013

    Laredo's SouthBound Music Fest will be at LEA this year! Click or go to http://bit.ly/YmNCcZ to purchase tickets! Only $20 for great live music with great talent!

  • @El Capataz | 03 Mar. 2013

    Just Tapped!

    Bombshell Blonde! From Southern Star Brewery outside San Antonio: Distinctive smooth creamy body with just enough hops to balance its bready finish.

  • @El Capataz | 23 Feb. 2013

    Just Tapped! 3 New!

    2 unique brews from Dogfish Head in Delaware:
    Birra Etrusca - based on a 2,800 year old recipe. Sweet and fruity. This has a lot going on and is very interesting.
    Bitches Brew - an ode to Miles Davis album released 40 years ago. This Imperial stout is a blend of 3 different stouts and has World Class flavor!
    HopDevil from Victory is an easy drinking IPA that is everything an IPA should be: bitter, touch of sweetness and citrus to add a refreshing character!

  • @El Capataz | 19 Feb. 2013

    Just Tapped!

    Victory Lager! "Perfectly balanced, this authentic version of a German helles-style lager satisfies gloriously. Lean, German malts and fine European hops offer subtle harmony" -Victory Brewing Company

  • @El Capataz | 13 Feb. 2013

    Just Tapped! 2 New!

    Lawnmower Ale -Slightly fruity, clean flavor, very drinkable from a regional brewery, St. Arnold's, in Houston!!

    Lava Lake Wit - From Crazy Mountain Brewing Company comes a nice light wheat with light citrus and manzanilla notes. Easy drinking!

  • @El Capataz | 06 Feb. 2013

    Just Tapped!

    Harpoon Celtic Ale - This Irish Red Ale comes from Harpoon Brewery in Boston, MA and features a deep ruby color, medium body, and a balanced malt making it an deal spring seasonal!

  • @El Capataz | 28 Jan. 2013

    Drink of the Month - El Relax

    Tequila Embajador Premium is the star in this drink which is made with a manzanilla-honey infusion and finished with orange essence. Truly relaxing!

Dish of the month

Prime Rib Cocktail
Chicharron style Prime Rib chunks tossed with beer stewed roasted vegetables. Topped with avocado, cilantro, and crispy shallots. Perfect for the 16th of September!

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Drink of the month

Border Shandy
tequila blanco, imported grapefruit radler, fresh grapefruit and lime make a refreshing Paloma Hybrid to welcome the warmth of Laredo.

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For comments both critical and positive please list as many details as possible and send to: listentome@el-capataz.com
Any advertising solicitation or charity requests must be submitted to the following address: marketing@el-capataz.com

Don't be shy! Reach out to us in any of the following ways. If an email is submitted with comments we may post them on our website!




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